Safety Tips

If you’ve decided to join the WIND community, welcome. You are now part of one of the most exciting and long-awaited social platforms in the gaming world. Please help us make the most of your experience by conducting yourself appropriately and always treating others the way you would want to be treated. Otherwise, you may be asked to sign out permanently and there are simply no restart buttons once you’re gone. These are general guidelines. For more information on do’s and don’ts, please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Offensive messages are the fastest way to the “quit” button and will not be tolerated. If you are in any way disrespectful, offensive, threatening, or rude to another user, we reserve the right to suspend your WIND membership.

Violent or Graphic Content

We recognize that many games contain violent and graphic content; however, we respectfully ask that you do not post on WIND this type of content, along with any obscene photos or hate speech. Any such content that we identify and deem to be disrespectful to others in the WIND community will be removed and your WIND membership may be suspended.

Inappropriate Behavior

Any reports of stalking, threats, bullying, intimidation, invading privacy, revealing other members’ personal information, or other behaviors we might deem to be inappropriate or offensive will be taken very seriously. The profiles and conversations on WIND are considered personal and private. Posting or distributing them publicly will result in immediate suspension.


WIND has a zero-tolerance policy on scamming of any kind. This includes attempting to get private information for fraudulent or illegal activity; or requesting financial account information for the purpose of receiving money from other users. If you attempt in any way to scam anyone in the WIND community, your membership will be terminated.

Copyright Infringement

The profile and any content you post on WIND must be your own. If you don’t have the rights to use any particular content, please do not use it.


Please do not post or follow any link to any external site unless you know and trust the source of the link.

Private Information

WIND has safeguards to ensure that personal information can be shared privately and not publicly. Private information of any kind—such as but not limited to phone numbers, social security numbers, addresses, passwords, or financial information—should never be included in your profile; and, if found to be included there, it will be removed (and could result in the suspension of your WIND membership).